7 Ways to Survive Oktoberfest to Avoid Burnout ...

You are going to need to know some good ways to survive Oktoberfest if you are attending one of Europe’s greatest festivals. Every year, Germany has a massive celebration of beer and all things German, but it is in Munich where the true and original Oktoberfest happens. Others are a pale imitation of the monster Bavarian beer gathering and to really make the absolute most of this incredible fun experience, follow these ways to survive Oktoberfest.

1. Go in September

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As one of Germany’s most popular annual events, Oktoberfest draws masses of international tourists, not to mention the hordes of Germans, who also flock to the festival. Something that many international tourists don’t realize however is that Oktoberfest actually begins in September! If you want to get into a tent and really enjoy a stress-free beer festival, you may therefore find that visiting the festival during the last 2 weeks of September, in addition to arriving there early in the morning, is a great tip for how to survive Oktoberfest!

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