7 Ways to Spend a Year in New Zealand ...

There are countless ways to spend a year in New Zealand. If you’re an American reader, you may be wondering why people would spend a year in New Zealand but, If you’re British, it’s quite common to take off to down under for a lengthy stay. There are historical and familial and commonwealth ties that sees a steady flow of Brits to NZ and Kiwis coming over to Blighty. It is also half way around the world, so if you’re going to go, it’s not somewhere you tend to pop for a week or two. But, I’d also reiterate that you’d want to spend a year in New Zealand because it is a truly amazing country. The scenery is incredible, the sights breathtaking, the people are extremely sociable, and it is the adventure capital of the world. With a smorgasbord of delights awaiting, here are just some of the ways to spend a year in New Zealand.

1. Be a Thrill-Seeker

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New Zealand’s rugged landscape is the perfect background for the most adventurous of thrill-seekers, which is likely why the country caters to adrenaline junkies. For the hardcore adrenaline junkie, Queenstown will offer you plenty of exhilarating ways to spend a year in New Zealand. Home to the bungy jump, the Adventure Capital of the World lies on the shores of a glacially-carved lake, making it a great little ski town to get your extreme sport on. Another heart-pumping venture with which to busy your days, the Kiwi invention of the jetboat will shoot you through the scenic Shotover Canyon, passing just inches from the canyon walls at breakneck speed.

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