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9 Ways to Prepare Your Cell Phone Ready for Travel ...

By Neecey

Obviously everyone makes sure their phone is charged to the max, but what about the other ways to prepare your cell phone ready for travel? Do you have a checklist of things you should do? Do you know what you should be doing even? It’s not enough just to charge your phone and pack your charge lead. There are other ways to prepare your cell phone ready for travel you need to be getting on with, especially when going abroad.

1 Download in Advance

If you think you are going to need movies and music on your trip, then download a lot of them before you go so that you have your cell phone ready for travel. It is going to cost you money to have to go round downloading things when you are there. The same goes for streaming things, so download them all before you go.

2 Your Charger and Your Adapter Should Be in Your Bag

No matter how many gadgets you take, you must always remember your standard charger with your cell phone ready to travel. You should also remember to take an adapter, as other countries may have different power sockets and will probably have a different power supply (charge through the socket), so you need your adapters in order to convert and charge your phone when you are there.

3 Know the Type of Phone and Plan You Have

If you know this, then you will have more luck in your travels. It may turn out that you need to make very little preparation, as your phone may be popular in your destination country, or you may have a payment plan that is very forgiving in certain countries and will only charge you slightly more than domestic rates. Some networks such as T-Mobile do not even have roaming charges in some countries.

4 Get All of Your Apps before You Go

Do not start downloading your “what to do” apps when you get there. This is one of the things to do to your cell phone before traveling. Do it all before you leave, and if you can get as much data onto your local memory as possible, then they will not need to connect in another country, which is going to save you some money.

5 Turn off Your Auto-updates

There are some data based functions that work automatically. This is fine at home, but may cost you a lot of money if you use them abroad, so turn them off and it will not be a problem.

6 Consider Your Phone Gadgets

There are portable chargers you can buy that work in cars or in foreign power sockets. There are also solar chargers you can try and portable batteries you can use without having to open up the back of your phone. You should get your cell phone ready to travel with all your gadgets in check.

7 Take Photos of Your Case and Your Goods

This will help you to reclaim your stuff if it is lost or stolen. You can show people what your luggage contents and your cases looked like so that you can both prove that they are yours and so they can be identified by authorities if they go missing. You can also take photos of your parking spot, your hire car registration and your room number if you have memory troubles.

8 A Text Package May Negate the Need for a Full Phone Package

If you are traveling and you want to keep in touch with home, you can just sign up for a cheap text package. This will allow you to text from your foreign destination without having to pay extra money or having to pay too much money for your communications.

9 Make Sure You Have Adequate Local Storage

You are probably going to want to take a lot of photos and video on your travels. You are not going to be able to pass them over to the cloud without being charged, so clear as much local memory as you can so that you can take your videos and photos without it costing you money and without having to delete things when you are there.

You now know all the tricks to get your cell phone ready for travel. They aren’t onerous tasks and could save you money abroad. Do you include phone prep on your travel planning list?

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