7 Ways to Minimize the Risk of Lost Luggage ...

Lost luggage when travelling abroad (or even on domestic flights) is a huge problem – waiting at the airport to be told that they’ve flown your bags to another airport is really going to get your vacation off to a bad start. Not only do you have the frustration of being in a destination without your personal belongings but there’s always the chance your lost luggage becomes permanently lost. Losing luggage can be a thing of the past if you read my list of 7 Ways to Minimize the Risk of Lost Luggage.

1. Luggage PIN

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I love this. Check out baggagepin.com

It is basically a passport for your luggage identified by a personal identification number - PIN. A computer database holds all your details so when lost luggage with a PIN is found all they have to do is look up your contact information and hey presto – lost luggage = returned luggage.

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