7 Ways to Dine in Paris ...

Paris is the City of Light, the City of Romance, the City of Love, but it is also one of the great food cities, and there are plenty of ways to dine in Paris to ensure you get a true flavor of what makes French food so very French and delectable. Food is part of the soul of France and as its capital, Paris spearheads the cuisine which so often leads the trends in the food world. Whether you want classic cuisine or ultra modern fare, the ways to dine in Paris will never leave you dissatisfied.

1. Picnic

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One of the easiest ways to dine in Paris is the DIY option. Shopping for the ingredients for a picnic is a fun experience, as is deciding the perfect spot to tuck in. Trawl the street market stalls, boulangeries, fromageries and patisseries tucked away in back streets or buy ready-mades from deli counters in large stores to find exceptional artisan cheeses, bread and cooked meats and the most darling of delectable pastries. I highly recommend Rue Mouffetard for quality of ingredients and atmosphere. Once stocked up, it’s just a case of deciding where to cop a squat for your feast.

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