7 Ways to Deal with Annoying Co-Passengers ...

By Mercy

7 Ways to Deal with Annoying Co-Passengers ...

There is no escaping from travel. We all need to travel for work or pleasure. I fully agree with those of you who think that nothing can be worse than an annoying co-passenger when you are tensely contemplating an important meeting or leisurely anticipating a much needed vacation. Here is a list of 7 ways to deal with annoying co-passengers that you will find handy.

Table of contents:

  1. ignore them completely
  2. reply to them perfunctorily
  3. tell them they are annoying
  4. kill them with kindness
  5. lead by example
  6. ask for assistance
  7. report the person after the flight

1 Ignore Them Completely

Often this is one of the best ways to deal with annoying co-passengers. Most people will take the hint and stop trying to bother you. You may think it is rude, but when the journey is long and your co-passenger just goes on annoying you, this may be your best recourse.

2 Reply to Them Perfunctorily

If you think ignoring your co-passengers is very rude, then just make sure that you do not encourage them in their conversation. Just reply perfunctorily with ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ and after a while, hopefully, your co-passenger will lose his or her steam.

3 Tell Them They Are Annoying

Sometimes, it’s just good to be upfront. If your co-passenger insists on involving you in a conversation, tell them curtly that you have things to think about and would like to be left alone. If your c-passenger is behaving annoyingly, point out their behavior and tell them that such behavior is distressing.

4 Kill Them with Kindness

Losing your temper over an annoying co-passenger will only make matters worse for you. You will end p getting stressed and get into a bad mood. One of the best ways to deal with annoying co-passengers is to have the right attitude. Be kind and compassionate, and yet firm in your request for privacy.

5 Lead by Example

This is one of the best things you can do when you are traveling. Make sure that you give no one reason to complain about you or your behavior. When faced with people who are courteous and kind, most people tend to follow their example and extend the same courtesy to them.

6 Ask for Assistance

If you find that nothing you do is stopping your co-passenger from being annoying, you may want to consider asking for assistance from a flight attendant. This is not the best route to take because it can aggravate the situation further, but sometimes you need to use the last resort.

7 Report the Person after the Flight

If you have a truly unpleasant experience because of your co-passenger, perhaps you may want to consider making a complaint at the customer service counter of your airline. It will not change your experience, but you may receive some consideration like frequent flier miles from the airline to compensate for your bad experience. This should help make you feel better.

So, the nest time you find a truly aggravating person sitting beside you on a flight, try out one of the 7 ways to deal with annoying co-passengers. You are likely to be able to put an end to the person’s annoying behavior and have a peaceful flight.

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