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If you’ve ever driven a car, bike or even go-kart you’ve more than likely had an instance where you needed to control your road rage. Getting to and from work every day, battling the drivers in the city, or trying to make it on time to an appointment, can make anyone rev up their engines and push the pedal to the metal. Before you find yourself yelling at someone from your car take a look at these ways that you can calm yourself down and control your road rage.

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Get Enough Sleep

One of the best ways to control your road rage is to make sure to get enough sleep every night. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to function normally every day. If you’re half asleep and cranky, it can make you even madder then normal at the guy who just cut you off. Count your zzzs.


Don’t Take It out on the Road

If you’ve just had a heated argument outside or inside of your car, don’t use your car as a weapon to get some aggression out. Sometimes that slow driver is just a little old lady or maybe someone’s driving some cupcakes in their car (to which they should really share if they’re going to take their time driving). Mainly, if you’re in a bad mood try not to take it out on someone else on the road and ruin their mood too.


Leave Earlier

If you’re like me, you’re always rushing to get everywhere. That sets up the perfect scenario to run into traffic and for you to become a full-blown road rage beast. I know you may want to sleep in a little longer or not rush back to work after lunch, but even leaving five minutes earlier will allow you to take your time and not stress out when someone ticks you off on the road.


Be Kind when You Drive

If you practice kindness by letting a driver merge into your lane when their blinker is on or stop a little earlier at a yellow light to allow drivers to turn, it’ll not only make them happier but you as well. Being kind on the road is a much saner way of getting around and probably more enjoyable.


Listen to Something Soothing

If you’re already hyped up, putting on aggressive music isn’t going to help ease your attitude towards other drivers. Maybe try something a little softer like listening to a relaxing singer/songwriter or even a talk radio show or podcast. Keep it light when you’re driving.


Remember to Breathe

This is true in yoga and it’s true on the road. Whenever someone does something that pisses you off while driving, taking some deep breaths can help lower your heart rate and calm you down. Try breathing in through the nose for seven counts and exhaling out through the mouth for ten. Do this a couple of times and you’ll start to feel your body relax and the guy who cut you off won’t seem so important.


Map Quest

If you’re going to a location you’ve never been before make sure to give yourself more time than you need to get there and have a route ready. No one likes to get lost or be late. Not knowing where you’re going can cause stress and make you lash out at someone driving normally when you’re racing like a maniac to get somewhere. Plan ahead.

Road rage can certainly suck. We’ve all had our share of experiences with bad drivers and watched our once happy selves explode into fire-breathing road rage monsters. It’s not fun for other drivers or for you. Next time you’re driving, try going with the flow. You never know, you might get to where you want to be faster. Have you ever had a terrible case of road rage? Leave a comment and tell us below!

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These part about leaving early is true! That's the main cause of my road rage ! Lol but then again Los Angeles traffic is CRAZY

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