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New York is a place that conjures up images of romance that we have all seen ten times over in the movies, you know the standard stuff cuddling up and watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center and long chats over a cocktail in an intimate bar. This is all very standard tourist stuff and not that romantic if you picture yourselves surrounded by other people going about their daily business. So how do you have quality romantic time with your partner in a place where hundreds of other people are looking to have theirs? Everyone who visits has their own secret New York. It’s time to find yours…

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Getting Lost

Leave the guide book in the hotel and find your perfect romantic spot by losing yourself in some of the quieter areas of the City (yes, there are some!) There is something of a romantic melancholy when you stumble upon an empty bar, hidden away far from the madding crowd or a quiet corner in Central Park with only the sound of your own footsteps along the pavement. It can sometimes feel like you are the only two people in the world. Make your own discoveries and travel around on foot to find the secret places you can make your own.


Take a Ride

Pretty standard tourist thing to do, you may think, however, there are ways to feel as though you are the only couple on the world. Many choose to take the pony ride, but my advice would be to give this a miss as you are just inches away from the driver. A great trip is a late cruise on the Staten Island Ferry; the commuters will have dispersed by this time and the tourists will have gone back to their hotels, here you can enjoy some alone time and catch a glimpse of the landmarks lit up under the stars as you go.


Eat Well

Not only is New York famed for its cinematic setting but also of course for its food. Ignore the overpriced restaurants that are filled with tourists and instead track down a hidden garden restaurant. These little hideouts are often used by locals and offer a range of local cuisine for a fraction of the price of the more popular restaurants. Who can say anything bad about sitting in a secret garden and enjoying a glass of wine as the sun sets?


Hear the City

You may not think of New York for its quiet nightlife, yet it has another side to show to its multifaceted culture. However, you don't have to go to lively nightclubs, New York is also famed for its opera and theater so whether you choose a grand performance, a smaller intimate venue or an open air theater; dress up, sip an aperitif in one of the elegant cafe bars and after your performance, enjoy a slow walk under the stars back to your hotel.


Sleep Well

Your romantic break wouldn’t be complete without a heavenly place to stay. There are many historic hotels in New York which are beautifully decorated with luxurious furnishings and what better way to relax after a day of exploring than in a sumptuous suite in oh so very regal surroundings? The Waldorf Astoria is perfect for relaxing in a bit of old world glamour, it is also worth looking at places that aren’t right in the center but a short ride from or walk from the main areas if you are after something a little more bijoux.

All these ideas are to help you discover your hidden New York and take the chance to really make the place your own – you can always come back and discover the tourist areas another time… or come back and discover more hidden secrets.

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Hmm the one time I love reading these sorts of articles but my man's in NY for a work trip atm - sigh!

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