7 Ways to Avoid Summer Complaint on Your Travels ...


I love visiting exotic locations and experiencing local cultures, but sometimes these experiences come with a health warning, so when visiting areas with poor sanitation, you will need to take some precautions to avoid summer complaint on your travels. If you don't know what summer complaint is, it's basically a euphemism for diarrhea. Yes, that dreaded condition which means you can't be further than three feet away from a toilet at any one time. The key is to know the risks before you travel, but places which are known to have unsafe drinking water are Mexico, Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Here are some ways to avoid summer complaint on your travels.

1. Safety

There are certain things which can be considered safe to drink when you're traveling somewhere which has been known to have contaminants in the water, such as commercially bottled water, bottled carbonated drinks and canned drinks. Hot drinks which have been made with vigorously boiled water are also safe to drink. Consider wine and beer as safe too, as long as they're in their original containers. This is one of the first ways to help avoid summer complaint.

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