7 Volunteer Opportunities in South America ...

Iā€™m going to share with you some brilliant volunteer opportunities in South America. Many associate volunteering with third world countries in Africa and Asia, but every continent has countries with problems where volunteers are more than welcome and where even just a little effort can make such a difference. Even though you can volunteer at home, there is just something super special about going abroad and doing work of real help to people of another culture. Enjoy the experience of the lifetime with these volunteer opportunities in South America.

1. Argentina - Volunteering with Underprivileged Youth

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For ~Ā£950/$1600, you can spend 4 weeks in Argentina, making a difference in the lives of underprivileged youth. In your work, you will aim to provide a safe and secure environment for children to interact with each other. You will be involved in the education and day-to-day care and support, in which these children are lacking. Volunteer opportunities in South America are also the chance to do some traveling. In your downtime, you can explore Buenos Aires, enjoying a culturally rich mix of European and Latin heritage. You can also participate in a Spanish language course.

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