7 Useful Tips for Studying in Florence ...


Now that you are overwhelmed with excitement for studying abroad in Italy, here are some tips for studying in Florence that will make you so much more prepared for your time overseas. Florence is incredibly different from America and it takes some preparation to get ready for those differences. There is so much to do and see that these tips for studying in Florence will make sure you don’t miss a single experience.

1. Plan Ahead

After the initial excitement of getting to study in Italy, one of the first tips for studying in Florence is to plan ahead before you leave. Do you have a passport? Did you apply for a visa? Do you know what to pack? All of these things need to be addresses before you even start to think about all of the incredible things you are going to get to do in Florence. Make a to do list of everything you have to get done ASAP and make sure to schedule an appointment with an adviser.

Don’t Sit down
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