7 US Food Festivals to Feast at ...

Combine your love of travel and all things delicious with a visit to one of the fabulous US food festivals. As these festivals take place in the summer, you need to grab your floppy hat and sunnies but that won’t hinder you in any way as you wonder around stalls sampling delectable morsels and tasty tidbits. Besides the food, there’s always so much more going on, so you can guarantee a brilliant day out. If you’re looking for some fun days out this summer, eat your way around the country at these US food festivals.

1. Georgia Peach Festival

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The Georgia Peach Festival takes place at Fort Valley from June 3 to 11 every year. For foodies, this is one of the most anticipated US food festivals for a number of reasons. The festival features a number of attractions for young and old alike including concerts, fireworks, arts and crafts and of course, the main attraction of the event, the world’s largest peach cobbler. This one measures up at 5x11 feet with a depth of eight inches.

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