7 US Destinations for 2015 as Recommended by Lonely Planet ...

I know there are many travel websites out there but I’m a big fan of Lonely Planet, so at the start of any new holiday season, I generally look at their recommended destinations. I love how they do concur with many of the suggestions from other top industry experts, websites and bloggers, but they also have a habit of throwing in a few unexpected recommendations - and with good reasons. Want to know which US destinations for 2015 Lonely Planet is suggesting?

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

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What an impressive comeback. 10 years ago Hurricane Katrina buried this city under water. While there are still grim reminders of the tragedy, New Orleans isn’t just back, it’s back with a bang and has become one of the top recommended U.S. destinations for 2015. Its spirit is reflected in its music, its people and its cultural celebrations. The new spirit is layered with the old traditions, creating an interesting infusion. Enjoy the fantastic coastal foods, such as shrimp and crayfish, and the best jazz and brass bands you’ve ever heard. The nightlife is always hopping!

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