7 Unusual Restaurants in NYC You Must Experience ...

Dining in the usual places you’ve been going to for years gets a little redundant and boring, which is why sometimes it doesn’t hurt to visit some of the most unusual restaurants in NYC. Living in New York City comes with the perk of being able to experience the most diverse and interesting cuisines without having to travel long distances. So if you are up for an interesting dining experience, get your empty stomachs ready for the most unusual restaurants in NYC.

1. Jekyll and Hyde Club

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Jekyll and Hyde Club is a restaurant filled with eccentric explorers and mad scientists lurking around while you get to witness the bizarre atmosphere and enjoy the menu. The staff offers exciting performances, such as the reenactment of the birth of Frankenstein and spooky sound effects to get you in the mood. The theatrical atmosphere, the table side performances, the secret entrance and witty jokes are definitely something you should get to experience from one of the most unusual restaurants in NYC.

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