7 Unusual Places to Go Surfing around the World ...

When your board is bored of the same old waves and the same old scenery, it will be happy when you seek out some unusual places to go surfing. And when I say unusual, I don’t mean beaches you might not have considered, or beaches with unusual features. These unusual places to go surfing are standouts for some very intriguing reasons.

1. Antarctica

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One of the most unusual places to go surfing is definitely Antarctica. While you won't be able to sunbathe after a tiring surfing session, at least you won't get a sunburn here, and overcrowding surely isn't a problem either. The first person who has surfed in Antarctica (and the only one yet) is Ramon Navarro, a Red Bull athlete. Antarctica is considered one of the riskiest surfing sites in the world. Actually, it is said that without his high-tech protective gear, Navarro would have died within 2 minutes of submerging. You might want to convince Red Bull to offer you thousands of dollars for top-notch equipment and transportation.

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