7 Unique Souvenirs to Get Abroad ...

Why go for the boring postcard or snow globe when you go abroad when there are so many unique souvenirs you can get during your travels? Every place you visit abroad has something that is unique to that area that would make a great gift. Having a unique souvenir from abroad is so much more memorable than a typical gift to bring home. While there are tons of unique gifts from around the world, here a just a few of the unique souvenirs you can pick up on your travels.

1. Paper from Florence

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This might be one of the most surprising unique souvenirs to get abroad, but Florence is actually known for their paper products. While you are probably thinking that paper is the lamest thing to buy abroad, specialty paper in Florence is handmade and marbleized with beautiful designs. There are tons of specialty paper stores spread across the city with amazing handmade paper products that would be a surprising gift to anyone.

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