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23 Unique Maps to Give to Travel Junkies as Gifts ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a travel-junkie friend, or you just want to treat your own globe-trotting self, maps are ideal for every adventurer. Here are a few maps that would make splendid gifts any time of year (but especially for Christmas!).

1 National Parks Sticker Map

National Parks Sticker MapPrice: $55.00 at
I have a goal: to visit one national park in every state. This map would be a perfect gift (for me... hint, hint!) for anyone who shares my vision.

2 USA Scratch Map

USA Scratch MapPrice: $28.95 at
When you visit a state, scratch it off. So much fun!

3 Watercolor World Map

Watercolor World MapPrice: $35.00 at
I love the bright colors of this big world map!

4 Magnetic Future Map

Magnetic Future MapPrice: $96.00 at
Mounted with two strips, and including wee metal balls to use to mark your travels (bye bye push-pins), this map is pretty high-tech.

5 Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Pushpin Map

Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Pushpin MapPrice: $149.00 at
Celebrate your best friend's wedding and all their future anniversaries with this custom map.

6 Beer Cap Map USA

Beer Cap Map USAPrice: $35.00 at
Made of sturdy birch plywood, this map features little cutouts for the beercaps from your bestie's coast-to-coast brewery adventures.

7 Birds and Blooms Art U.S. Map

Birds and Blooms Art U.S. MapPrice: $75.00 to $215.00 at
Available framed, or framed in black or natural wood, this map features each state's bird and flower.

8 Map of Our Hearts

Map of Our HeartsPrice: $130.00 at
If your sister and her husband come from two different places, this custom map would make such a sweet gift!

9 This Land is Your Land Kids' Map

This Land is Your Land Kids' MapPrice: $17.00 at
If the little globe-trotter on your list is under 4 feet tall, this may be the map gift for them.

10 United States Beer Tasting Map

United States Beer Tasting MapPrice: $30.00 at
With a space for one beer cap from every state, this map would make an excellent gift for the brew lover on your list.

11 Boston Marathon Map

Boston Marathon MapPrice: $28.00 at
If there's a runner on your list, this would be such a thoughtful, perhaps race-inspiring gift!

12 Children's World Map

Children's World MapPrice: $17.00 at
Your niece's sticky jam fingers are no match for this colorful, laminated world map.

13 Brooklyn Subway Map Tumblers

Brooklyn Subway Map TumblersPrice: $40.00 at
It takes a moment to see it, but the pattern on these tumblers will be easily recognized by the New Yorker on your list.

14 Neighborhood Leaf Maps

Neighborhood Leaf MapsPrice: $36.00 at
From Boston to San Francisco (and a few places in between), this organic-feel map could be a bit of home in your nephew's new place.

15 Pin World Map

Pin World MapPrice: $39.00 at
Made of blue or black felt, this world map includes a set of red pins designed to look like GPS markers.

16 Great Wines of France Tasting Map

Great Wines of France Tasting MapPrice: $30.00 at
This map would make an excellent gift for every oenophile you know, especially the ones who are so hardcore, they go on pilgrimages.

17 World Map Inlay Wooden IPhone Case

World Map Inlay Wooden IPhone CasePrice: $29.00 at
Also available for Android devices, this wood inlay map is just fantastic, and it's budget-friendly, too.

18 We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle

We Found Each Other Custom PuzzlePrice: $129.00 at
It's a tough call: would this make a nicer gift for the holidays, or for a wedding?

19 Scratch Travel Journal

Scratch Travel JournalPrice: $28.95 at
If your sister's planning her trip of a lifetime, she's going to need this travel journal.

20 Places in America

Places in AmericaPrice: $120.00 at
Designed by You & Me The Royal We, this U.S. map is just incredibly cool and unique!

21 Around the World Geography Scarf

Around the World Geography ScarfPrice: $60.00 at
If your mom's both a fashionista and a travel junkie, this scarf would make an excellent gift.

22 United States of America Block Set

United States of America Block SetPrice: $100.00 at
Non-toxic and educational (and not nearly as noisy as a drum set), these blocks will make you your nephew's favorite (and your sister's, too).

23 Rivers of the US: All Things Merge into One

Rivers of the US: All Things Merge into OnePrice: $45.00 at
This gorgeous map, detailing the whereabouts of the nation's life's-blood, is just so pretty and calming.

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