7 Unique Greek Things That a Stranger Living in Greece Has to Get Used to ...

Unique Greek things I’m going to share with you today will probably make you laugh out, maybe even give you the urge to visit Greece as soon as possible. Hey, you may even recognize a few and go like, “Well, that’s one thing we have in common, maybe these unique Greek things aren’t so unique after all”. One thing is for sure - there were plenty of, for me, quite unusual Greek traits to get used to and, although most made me love Greece even more, there still are some I’ll never be able to understand. Let me give you a heads up or, at least something interesting to fill a boring afternoon with. Because you never know, you just may need it someday.

1. Southern Hospitality

When Greeks open their home for you, they really go all out proving that, although Southern hospitality isn’t one of those super unique Greek things you can’t hope to experience elsewhere, they sure have raised the bar pretty high. Wining, dining and housing aside, Greeks are always ready to help in any way possible, not giving up until they’ve exhausted all options. Furthermore, you’d have an easier time digging your way to China than convincing a Greek that they need not concern themselves with rushing to your rescue. It’s super sweet!