7 Unique Facts about Living in Wyoming ...

Fewer than 600,000 people are currently living in Wyoming, but these few people know there are some unique aspects about living in the equality state. I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and loved every minute of it. Until I was older, I never realized that some of what I experienced by living in Wyoming was unique. I don’t know how many people see buffalo every day or go to the rodeo every summer, but I did see buffalo and go to the rodeo and considered it normal. Living in Wyoming can be interesting, but I consider myself blessed to have been able to experience some of the unique attributes of Wyoming.

1. Wide Open Spaces

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Wyoming is known for wide open spaces, and for the people who are living in Wyoming, these open spaces mean a lot of travel time. Going from one town to another can take as much as two hours. During those two hours most of what you see is sagebrush and desert, unless you live in the mountains like I did. In which case, you will have gorgeous views as you travel.

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