7 Underrated Worldwide Destinations You Should Add to Your List ...

When we plan a well-deserved holiday, we tend to look at the most popular destinations, but there are so many underrated worldwide destinations that we forget. These destinations may not be as popular as others, but are actually great places to go to if you want lots of culture and authenticity. In addition, these destinations often do not have as many tourists as others, because of their lack of reputation. These underrated worldwide destinations are definitely worth a visit, especially if youโ€™re looking to do something different.

1. Philadelphia, PA

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Philadelphia was voted as the number one most underrated city in the U.S., so Iโ€™m pretty sure it should go in the list of underrated worldwide destinations. Thereโ€™s something for everyone in this city, from the skyscrapers in Center City to green parks for a Sunday afternoon walk. There is plenty of shopping to do in the city and for the real shopaholics, thereโ€™s the King of Prussia Mall, just outside the city and one of the biggest malls in the country. For art lovers, Philadelphia has an extremely interesting museum district, where you could easily spend days admiring pieces from your favorite artists, and foodies can definitely get their fix in Philadelphia.

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