8 UK Cities to Visit besides London ...

No-one would disagree that London is a fabulous place, but there are other UK cities to visit that offer a fabulous experience. Whilst not having the sheer quantity of attractions or the pomp and circumstance of London, all UK cities are full of character, history and tons of things to see and do. Out of the 66 there are, here are my suggestions for UK cities that should be on a travel itinerary.

1. Edinburgh

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Readers of The Telegraph newspaper voted the Scottish capital top of the UK cities to visit before they died. The majestic Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat (an extinct volcano) look down on a beautiful city that has one of the best shopping streets in the UK (Princes Street) and a wealth of historic buildings. Princes Gardens are a lovely place to relax while Holyrood House will satisfy culture vultures. Of course, the biggest attraction of the city, known as the β€œAthens of the North,” is arguably the Fringe Festival.

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