7 U.S. Beaches to Inspire Your Next Vacation ...

No matter where you live, U.S. beaches are sure to entice you. I live in Colorado so I donโ€™t get much beach time. However, I do love to investigate the U.S. beaches so I can plan and dream for my next vacation. If you need some time in the sand and surf, check out this list for some great options. Before you know it, youโ€™ll be by the water, margarita in hand and cares left behind you. Add your favorites if I havenโ€™t included them.

1. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

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This is one of the U.S. beaches that is ideal year round so you can enjoy the sun and sand anytime the mood strikes. Travel experts say this beach isnโ€™t easy to get to, which makes it all the better. You can enjoy your beach time without the huge crowds at more well-known beaches and the scenery here is out of this world. Crystal clear waters and blue skies are sure to leave you with plenty of happy memories.

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