7 Types of People You Meet in Disneyland ...

Because we are annual pass holders,my husband and I have mastered the art of people watching, which includes classifying the people you meet in Disneyland. After the first two times we entered the park - we went around like crazy to try out all rides - we decided to take things more slowly in subsequent visits. We like visiting on weekdays because there are very few people – except during the summer – and we don’t want to fight our way through the crowd. Been there, done that. We made a list of the people you meet in Disneyland based on our observations:

1. The First Timers

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Hong Kong Disneyland is a gathering place where you see people of all different races and colors, maybe because Hong Kong is easily accessible by all major cities in Asia. The first timers can be easily recognized among all people you meet in Disneyland because they can’t help but take photos in every β€œland” inside the park, which is of course, β€œThe Happiest Place on Earth”.

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