7 Types of Penguin and Where to See Them ...

I have always adored penguins and as an avid traveler, I love knowing that some of the various types of penguin reside in specific places around the world. One of the things I research when I’m planning a trip is whether there are wildlife viewing opportunities, including what types of penguin I might be able to see and where. Most times, I have been limited to zoo pengies, but I have also been fortunate to see a few types of penguins in the wild. Here are my favorite penguins and where you can head off to see them.

1. Rockhopper

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This is my absolute darling. Of all the types of penguin, I think this one is the most distinguishable because it has huge fluffy eyebrows. I have always called them Dame Edna Everage penguins because the eyebrows always remind me of her elaborate wing tip eyeglasses. The Rockhopper gets its name from the way it walks, which is a hop rather than a waddle. They are a very sociable species and one of the smaller penguin types at about 15-18 inches high. While Rockhoppers can be found in Chile, New Zealand and the islands off North Antarctica, some of the biggest colonies are found at Cape Bougainville in the Falkland Islands.

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