9 Types of Airplane Passengers You'd do Well to Avoid ...


9 Types of Airplane Passengers You'd do Well to Avoid ...
9 Types of Airplane Passengers You'd do Well to Avoid ...

There are all types of airplane passengers, but let’s face it, there really are some that can turn a flight into a very disagreeable experience. The trouble is, most times, you really don’t get much of a chance to choose who your seat neighbor is going to be. And, there are some types of airplane passengers who can be annoying despite that they are sitting a few rows away. Most times, you just have to grin and bear it and wish the flight to pass as quickly as possible. Here are some types of air passengers you hope you don’t find yourself sitting near to.

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The Recliner

Of all the types of airplane passengers, this is one I find very annoying. The Recliner is the guy or gal that, as soon as the seat belt sign goes off, pushes their seat back into the fully-reclined position. I know all seats are designed to do this, but there is so little leg room that seriously, only passengers outside of coach class or with no one in the seat behind should do this.


The Chatterbox

One of the types of air passengers that most people would like to avoid is the incessant talker. The Chatterbox is full of stories and experiences they just feel compelled to share even if you make it obvious you aren’t listening to them. The trouble is, when they first started chatting, you were polite and showed yourself to be interested. You didn’t know they were going to drone on for the entire flight.


The Lovers

An airplane isn’t really the place for PDOA. People don’t want to hear billing and cooing, lip smacking snogging or have to watch endless caressing. The Kissy Couple are oblivious to the fact they are among the air passenger types no one really wants to sit next to.


The Eater

The Eater comes in different forms. There’s the one who has packed their own meal and it is the smelliest cheese ever, or it is egg sandwiches that have had the benefit of getting warm for a few hours, or it’s something plastered in so much garlic you can hardly breathe. And there’s the constant eater. Let’s call it grazing; non-stop through the flight; it’s constant munch munch, chew chew. And then there’s the picky eater. They’ve ordered the in-flight meal but call the steward so many times to find out what is in every little offering. The Eater is not so annoying as other air passenger types, but it's still best if they are seated a good few rows away.


The Snoop

I’ll call them The Snoop. What they really are is the person who reads over your shoulder. This person is not curious, they are nosy – naturally. This means you can’t type into your laptop, read a magazine or book because you don’t want to share with your nosy neighbor. The only thing you can do if you’re lucky, is to jam on the headphones and plug into the in-flight entertainment.


The Space Invader

Again, this is one of the types of air passengers that come in various guises. Firstly – and I’m in no way a “fatist” (I’m a size 18), but with so little room in airplane seats, a heavily overweight person becomes a Space Invader. You will feel restricted in how you can use your own space for fear of invading theirs. Then there’s the armrest elitist. As soon as your luggage is in the overhead, and you’ve settled in, their hands clasp the armrest and refuse to let go for the entire flight. Even if they have to go to the loo, somehow they will engineer getting the armrests back on their return.


The Brat

Even the most well-behaved child can become the in-flight nuisance. Everyone knows that traveling with children is challenging, but should passengers have any sympathy for the parent who allows their child to be The Brat? I remember a flight to Trinidad where for an hour I had to suffer the kid behind me constantly kicking my seat. Despite parental intervention there was no solution and I was eventually moved into the only spare seat – in first class, lucky me! I feel sorry for parents who have to deal with crying babies, but there’s a limit to having to put up with children whose behavior is not controlled.


The Carrier

One of the very worst types of airplane passengers is The Carrier. What are they carrying? Germs! Yes, we know that germs spread easily on airplanes, which is why most of us cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough. The Carrier doesn’t. They openly sneeze, wheeze and cough throughout the flight, sharing their germs with the entire plane. And heaven forbid when they sneeze or cough into their hands and then put them on the armrest.


The Know-All

This is one of the air passenger types whose presence is felt by most of the cabin. They have been there, and worn out the t-shirt. You name it, they have seen it, done it, tasted it. They know more about the plane than the pilot and they have a theory on everything that they just have to share with everyone. You may not be seated next to The Know-All, but boy, you sure will hear them.

Have you had any experiences with these types of airplane passengers?

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Haha unfortunately you can't who these people are at the start of the flight...

Another type of passenger would be The Worrier! I am frequently seated, whether next to, behind or in front of a constant worrier! When you take off and you can consistently hear the 'Oh no' and murmurs and distortional heavy breathing, especially when a flight attendant walks along and they shoot their heads up to see if it's because of an emergency... Don't get me started on turbulence!


Gosh, this is a little daunting! I have my first ever plane trip this upcoming Saturday! I really hope I won't be stuck with any of these!! :O

My mum is a downright snoop, she loves watching everything going on in the vicinity! And she loves doing a running commentary, the perks of travelling.. All of my overseas holidays have been with her!

Good article if I go on the. Plane I will try to avoid theses people

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