9 Types of Airplane Passengers You'd do Well to Avoid ...


There are all types of airplane passengers, but let’s face it, there really are some that can turn a flight into a very disagreeable experience. The trouble is, most times, you really don’t get much of a chance to choose who your seat neighbor is going to be. And, there are some types of airplane passengers who can be annoying despite that they are sitting a few rows away. Most times, you just have to grin and bear it and wish the flight to pass as quickly as possible. Here are some types of air passengers you hope you don’t find yourself sitting near to.

1. The Recliner

Of all the types of airplane passengers, this is one I find very annoying. The Recliner is the guy or gal that, as soon as the seat belt sign goes off, pushes their seat back into the fully-reclined position. I know all seats are designed to do this, but there is so little leg room that seriously, only passengers outside of coach class or with no one in the seat behind should do this.

The Chatterbox
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