7 TV Show-Inspired Tours ...

If you can tear yourself away from the magic box in the corner, or your current marathon binge on Netflix, get out into the world on some TV show-inspired tours. Walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters and the places they frequent on the shows, or locations indelibly associated with them. I know you love to be holed up on your couch, watching your favorite progs, but getting out in the fresh air, taking one of the TV show-inspired tours, some of which will definitely call for a vacation, will do you a world of good. Your programs will still be there when you’ve finished your tour!

1. Game of Thrones

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Whether you’re on team Targaren, Stark or Lannister, the Game of Thrones walking tour is one of the many NYC TV show-inspired tours that’s sure to satisfy. HBO’s series (as well as George R.R. Martin’s books) are brought to life in a metaphorical journey through the Seven Kingdoms...which, on this tour, just so happen to span 1.9 miles in lower Manhattan. The tour starts in Chinatown at the Dragon Land Bakery, where you can fill up on fuel with baked goods inspired by Daenerys Targaryen – the Mother of Dragons. Next, you continue with the Targaryen clan, by picking up a pair of dragon chopsticks at Yunhong Chopsticks Shop. After a stroll at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, rub shoulders with the Lannisters, who always pay their debts, at the Museum of American Finance. Lastly, end your tour with the Starks, at the Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern. Dating back centuries, the establishment mirrors the Crossroads Inn, where Tyrion Lannister meets his match in Lady Catelyn, the Stark matriarch.

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