7 TV Show Cafes and Restaurants You Can Actually Visit ...

If you’re a TV buff like I am, you will be so pleased to know that there are actually TV show cafes and restaurants that you can visit in real life! While most of them aren’t the “real deal”, so to speak, they all offer a bite to eat and a bit of novelty for anyone who’s a dedicated fan looking for the same seat their favourite character sat in. Put these TV show cafes and restaurants on your bucket list:

1. Los Pollos Hermanos, Breaking Bad

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Of all TV show restaurants, this is definitely the one I would like to visit the most - I am a total Breaking Bad addict! However, the kitschy diner is, alas, not actually Los Pollos Hermanos - it is a diner called ‘Twisters’ in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The inside, however, is decorated very similarly to the TV show, and there is even a Los Pollos Hermanos sticker on the wall. This is definitely going on my bucket list!

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