9 Travel Trends We're Seeing in 2014 ...


I love to keep a watching brief on what’s going on in the world of travel and one of things that interests me is new travel trends. I don’t get all deep and try and relate them to socio-economic trends – I’m merely interested as an avid traveler and someone who is passionate about our world and its wonders. Here’s some of the new travel trends taking a hold in 2014.

1. Travel Sharing

Travel sharing turns people not only into travelers but travel providers, and it offers a much more personal experience than traditional travel. Travelers can stay in other people’s homes, drive other people’s cars or ride their bikes, rent their RV, etc., usually at a fraction of the cost. You can even book a meal in someone’s personal home. There are websites that specialize in these sharing arrangements, like Airbnb, Private Motorhome RV Rentals, Relay Rides, Eat With, or Couchsurfing, among others. And if you have a spare bedroom or other travel amenity car you can rent to travelers, you may be able to simply make a direct trade. It’s one of the new travel trends that gladdens my heart because it shows an increase in green travel.

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