7 Travel Instagram Accounts to Excite Your Wanderlust ...

While most of us are stuck at home wishing we could be traveling, there are always tons of great travel Instagram accounts that can take us around the world. Travel photographers love to post pictures of their adventures on their Instagram to share with the world. So you might not be able to jet-set around the globe, but with these travel instagram accounts to excite your wanderlust, you can at least pretend.

1. Skimbaco

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If you love the architecture of the world, Skimbaco is one of the travel Instagram accounts that will excite your wanderlust. The account is run by Katja Presnal, who is the editor-in-chief of Skimbaco Lifestyle magazine. She features buildings of all sorts from Sweden to Morocco. Her pictures are simple yet intriguing and always have a ton of color in them.

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