Travel Bucket List for the Best Ever Christmas ...

When you want to spend Christmas away from home there are fabulous destinations that will offer a yuletide welcome.

1. Visit Father Christmas HQ in Lapland

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If you've ever wondered what Santa's elves feel when his sleigh takes off at breakneck speed, you should go on a reindeer sleigh ride to Aurora Camp in the Finnish region of Lapland. There, so to speak in Santa's own backyard, you'll be able to travel through magical snowy landscapes that are their sparkly best when the sun sets and the skies are clear of snow. With a bit of luck - provided you've been a good girl all year round - Santa's little helpers will allow you to see the famous Northern Lights. Lapland is one of the places on Earth where the Aurora Borealis can be seen about 200 times a year, so you stand a good chance of seeing it. You've arrived at the Arctic Circle, a line visible on any map of Earth. Santa Claus Village is at the heart of it. To the north the sun remains below the horizon for the entire month of December, plunging everything in total darkness 24-hours a day. The rest of Lapland enjoys at least 6 hours of daylight per day. That's because elves' workshops perform better with natural daylight.

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