7 Trails to Hike in Yosemite ...

Looking for some great trails to hike in Yosemite this year? You're in luck! Yosemite is my home away from home during times of temperate weather and regardless if this is your first trip, or if you are an experienced hiker, I can assure you that there's a trail that fits your needs. If you love exploring nature, being surrounded by breathtaking views, and even challenging yourself physically in exciting ways, then Yosemite is bound to become one of your new favorite places as well. Read on to discover the best trails to hike in Yosemite for every experience level and fitness level.

1. Mirror Lake

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For those of you who are not experienced hikers, or are just looking for a day hike to appreciate the beauty of nature without a lot of physical exertion, the best trails to hike in Yosemite for you would be in the valleys. An easy 2.5 mile hike to Mirror Lake offers a wonderful view of the North Dome and Half Dome from the meadow that surrounds that lake. This is a great family friendly trail, perfect for a day trip of lounging and swimming.

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