Torture Your Friends with Instagram Pictures of Your Holiday in the UK ...

We might be a little country but it is a fabulous place to visit. Our petite size is a charm because it makes it easy to see so many great places in a short time. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have such a wealth of beauty, it’s usually a problem deciding exactly what you want to see. Visit and you’ll find there’s going to be more than enough opportunity for Instagram travel photos and to brag about the places you’ve seen on Facebook.

1. Watergate Bay, Newquay, North Cornwall

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Watergate Bay boasts two miles of golden, sandy beaches lined by towering cliffs. It's a surfer's paradise, for here the Atlantic swells supply surfers with a reliable quantity of respectable waves. Watch peregrine falcons, fulmars and gulls wheel in blue skies while you're sunbathing or explore rock pools filled with crabs and bright red anemones. Let a steady sea breeze ruffle your hair on cliff top walks before eating a healthy meal at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall. Surfing, traction kiting, sailing and walking are the main leisure activities at Watergate Bay.

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