8 Top US Family Resorts ...

US family resorts don’t have to mean theme parks in Orlando or Great Wolf Lodges, although these definitely have their merits. When you have children travelling, US family resorts needs to have something for everyone. Children can become bored if there is not enough for them to do on family vacations. Here are 8 Top US Family Resorts for those families looking for the best US family vacation destinations.

1. The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL

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This family oriented resort has managed to affect the perfect balance of activities to keep kids busy so that their parents can also have a break. The general manager, who is a mother herself, is correctly in tune with what parents and families are looking for in the perfect vacation. The Breakers is one of the most luxurious family resorts in the US that hosts exciting parent and child activities for all ages. You’ll find Friday night bonfires on the beach, a kid’s camp for a variety of age groups, sandcastle building, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts and the ultimate family entertainment area. With camp counselors assigned to separate groups of children, parents can enjoy a full and uninterrupted dining experience for example, while the kids are whisked away to other exciting activities.

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