2. Hedonist’s Guide

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If you’re someone with a bit of an edge and a “carpe diem” mentality, then the Hedonist’s guide may be for you...though those not quite all for debauchery will find plenty of relevant travel info in the Hedonist’s guide as well. Launching quite recently with a selection of city guides, the Hedonist’s guide has already drawn a following, which may have to do with its accessible format. Play, Shop, Sleep, Party, Eat, Snack, Drink, Culture and Info make up the guide’s nine glossy and immaculately designed sections. The historical info and landmarks are detailed by the city’s districts, as well as the general atmosphere of each district and the places to discover. The Hedonists have even rated restaurants according to food, atmosphere and service, as well as hotels according to location, style and atmosphere. You can now even conveniently download their app – HG2 – so you won’t have to carry around a hard copy...though we highly recommend that you do both.

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