Top Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles ...

Home to a number of world famous attractions concentrated in a relatively small area, there are so many options available, itโ€™s hard to decide where to begin. To help you decide, first consider your preferences. What do you like to do? Lay around on the beach? Go shopping? Soak up a wee bit oโ€™ culture at a museum? Get your heart pumping with the vertical plunge of an amusement park ride? All this and more can be found in LA, where the sun often comes out to play, and every star is just waiting to be born. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

1. Hollywood

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LA is synonymous with Hollywood. The white letters that stand out on the hillside of Mount Lee are like white pillars of dying dreams, a mocking reminder of fame and fortune for every failed actor still waiting for their big break. Even so, tourists are looking to glimpse their favorite star or starlet in this celebrity saturated city, and to feel closer to celebrity, the Hollywood Walk of Fame offers a place to stroll where 2,400 celebrities strolled before. Emblazoned on pink terrazzo, Hollywood starsโ€™ names are literally written in the stars...and in gold script too. And not too far away, you can place your hands and feet into the famous hand and footprints that line the pavement of Graumanโ€™s Chinese Theatre.

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