10 Top Tips for Keeping Fit when Traveling ...


Keeping fit while traveling can be a difficult, if not an impossible task to manage. Especially if you are traveling for work, the demands of a busy schedule, rushing around from place to place, can leave you with absolutely no time to keep up your regular exercise program. Staying in shape relies on one major factor-consistency. Consistency in what you eat and consistency in your fitness program will ensure that you keep fit and healthy all the time. But what happens when you are on the move all the time? Traveling for pleasure is also a difficult time to keep up the fitness regime. A glass of wine and a nice juicy burger seems much more attractive than trying to find yourself a safe and appropriate place to exercise in a foreign city. Here are 10 Top Tips for Keeping Fit When Traveling:

1. Keep Moving

Just because you are on holiday or on a business trip, there’s is no excuse to cut exercise out of your daily routine. 15 minutes walking every day an easy way of keeping fit. Find out from your hotel concierge or bed and breakfast owner, where they suggest a safe walking route may be, and go for a quick jog or brisk walk before that glass of wine gets poured and the pasta comes out. Walk everywhere or cycle where you can, instead of taking the bus or a taxi. Many countries have excellent cycle routes and in fact, most European locals cycle throughout the year to and from work, the pub, everywhere. Some bicycles are free to use, just find out where.

Portion Size
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