4 Fun Things to do in Kansas City ...


4 Fun  Things to do in Kansas City ...
4 Fun  Things to do in Kansas City ...

Welcome to Kansas City! Wondering what are the top things to do to in Kansas City? The home of sensational barbecue and the 2015 World Series winners. I have lived in Kansas City so long I have seen Bannister Mall close as well as Skateland. Still not over that. Whether you're home visiting family or you just need something to do this weekend; I will give you some of the top things to do to in Kansas City.

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Worlds of Fun

cartoon, art, fictional character, fiction, human behavior, Worlds of Fun is a definite must see when you are in Kansas City. It's an amusement park that is connected to Oceans of Fun, which is a family-friendly water park. The parks cover more than 235 acres with rides, slides, shows, and food. Even if you are not a thrill seeker such as myself you can find the right entertainment for you. During winter be sure to check out Winterfest. They have live shows, ice skating, and beautiful lights across the entire park. That's why this is first on my lit of top things to do to in Kansas City.



conversation, Winstead's is a hamburger chain that has been around since the 1940s. It is known for the amazing steak burgers, but I can't leave without ordering a cherry limeade. They have seven locations including one near the plaza. After a long day of shopping who doesn't need fries and a milkshake? The environment of the restaurant is very chill, and I love it. They even have jukebox but I'm not totally sure if it actually works.


Country Club Plaza

hair, human hair color, fashion accessory, eyewear, hair accessory, When you come to the plaza be sure to bring your walking shoes. You want to make sure you are comfortable for all the shopping and snacking you will be doing. The Starbucks on the plaza is a great place to drink and waste some time before seeing a movie at Cinemark. The Forever 21 on the plaza is two stories and has a pretty large men's section. There is a cute candy store with all of your favorite goodies right across from H&M. The parking garages are free and they are well lit, which I appreciate when I'm taking selfies with my friends. From high-end fashion to tech, the plaza has a store for everyone in the family to enjoy.



floor, property, exhibition, tourist attraction, wood flooring, Kansas City has a ton of museum options when you are interested in learning something new. The National World War Museum has one of the largest war collections in the world. The Nelson-Atkins Museum is not only where most UMKC students take their graduation photos, but it is also a free museum with ancient works as well as contemporary pieces. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures holds a special place in my childhood memories. They have so many antique toys, and it's nice to see how things have changed or stayed the same over the course of time.

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