8 Top Things to do in Vancouver ...

Regularly featuring near the very top of the world’s best cities to live, visitors are also going to find plenty of marvelous things to do in Vancouver. Enjoying a stunning setting of a natural harbor and a backdrop of mountains, Vancouver is a Canadian city for any season. A snow sports playground in winter and a beach haven in summer, no one could find fault with Vancouver as a vacation destination. Here are just a few of the things to do in Vancouver.

1. Walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge

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When looking for out of the ordinary things to do in Vancouver between May and September, you need look no further than the city’s oldest tourist attraction, the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This amazing 137 meter long, 70 meter high structure is situated directly above the beautiful Capilano River and offers breathtaking views of the canyon below. Once you have braved the bridge you may also enjoy some of the other adventurous activities on offer, such as the Cliff Hanger Walk, which leads the daring ones among us dangerously close to the edge of the canyon.

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