Gotland is a special yet somewhat unexpected part of Sweden, boasting the most sunshine and highest density of historical sites in the country and more restaurants per capita in Unesco-listed Visby than any other Swedish city. This ancient Baltic island also has breathtaking scenery, with pastoral countryside, mysterious forests, time-warped fishing villages and tranquil sandy beaches – except in the height of summer, when Swedes flock here from the mainland and the island takes on an exuberant air, accentuated this year by the week-long 2017 Biennial Island Games in June.

Most visitors content themselves with marginally less exertion when it comes to activities, however: the island is simply wonderful for exploring by bicycle with virtually traffic-free roads and unspoiled landscapes.

Hotel suggestion:
Only opened in April this year, the NOVI Resort is the new go to hotel for nearby visitors. Just one minute’s walk from the beach and half a mile from the medieval town centre!

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