8 Top Street Markets around the World ...

You can get a real feel for a place and have some of the best local experiences in the world’s top street markets. Street markets have been the center of commerce for centuries and offer an assault on all the senses. The sights, the smells and sounds of the best street markets around the world introduce us to the new, the old, the unusual, the odd, the familiar – things to sniff, things to squeeze and stroke, things to admire and of course, things to spend our hard-earned pennies on. Here’s just some of the top street markets.

1. Delhi - Chandni Chowk Market

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When you think of top street markets, India is certainly one of the first places to come to mind, with Delhi playing host to numerous well-known markets. The most popular street market in Delhi, however, is Chandni Chowk, located in the neighborhood of the same name. The status of this outstanding street market stems firstly from the fact that it has existed for a number of centuries, and secondly, from the fact that you can buy basically anything there, whether it be clothes made to order or exotic foods. Let’s not forget this is Delhi, so don’t expect nicely laid out stalls and gentle shopping! Expect shambolic chaos which is completely amazing.

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