7 Top Recommended Countries for 2014 Travel ...

The festive season is over so now it is time to turn your thoughts to your summer vacation and which countries for 2014 travel are being recommended by the experts. Every year around December/January, hundreds of lists are published on websites and in travel publications of recommended destinations for the following year – generally most of them come to the same conclusion, featuring the same destinations in each list. I’ve been through quite a few lists to narrow down the most recommend countries for 2014 travel. Here they are:

1. Egypt

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I know that many will be surprised to see Egypt listed as one of the countries for 2014 travel, but bear with. Yes, there is still trouble and there is no guarantee that it won’t flare up again at any time, but both the US Government and UK Foreign Office have recently relaxed their β€œno travel” warning for the tourist areas and cultural sites. This is great news for everyone because it was sad that the world lost access to the magnificent sights of Giza, Luxor, Alexandria and everything in between. The Nile cruise route is now re-open and tour operators are once again happy to take bookings. Book early and you can enjoy the splendor that is ancient Egypt before the tourist crowds return. It’s a rare chance to take a selfie in front of the Great Pyramid without hordes of people in the background!

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