8 Top Places to Visit in Kenya ...

Some of the best travel experiences to be had in Africa are the places to visit in Kenya. This East African country has one of the most well developed tourist industries on the continent and millions flock to the gorgeous plains, vibrant cities, stunning beaches and to take a safari every year. In some ways, this is โ€œsanitizedโ€ Africa and you could feel like just one of the crowd, but there are places to visit in Kenya where you can immerse yourself in the countryโ€™s gorgeousness and still have the authentic African experience.

1. The Kakamega Rainforest

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Tucked away in the western region of Kenya on the fringes of the border with Uganda, northwest of the capital Nairobi, brings you to one of the most spectacular places to visit in Kenya โ€“ The Kakamega Rainforest. What is believed to be the only lasting slice of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once carpeted the entire African continent, the Kakamega Rainforest is home to an abundance of native wildlife. Waterfalls, massive trees, birds and 400 different species of butterflies as well as the elusive Debrazza monkey can be found here.

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