7 Top Places to Celebrate Diwali ...

Diwali, aka Divali and Dhiwali, is one of the world’s most beautiful festivals. Hindus celebrate Diwali to mark the story of Lord Rama over the Demon King Ravana. Lord Rama rescued his brother Lakshman and his beloved wife Sita, who had been abducted by Ravana and to mark their return, the people lit diyas (earthen lamps), thus symbolically praising the victory of light over darkness. The word Diwali is actually derived from the Sanskrit word “Deepavali”, which translated means “row of lamps”. When people observe Diwali, it is literally, the Festival of Lights. The festival takes place in India and around the world, between mid-October and mid-December. It is a joyous occasion and there are some wonderful places to celebrate Diwali – here’s a few:

1. Diwali in Amritsar, Punjab

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Preparations for Diwali start usually few weeks in advance – people devotedly clean and decorate their homes with flowers and leaves, as well as with other charming items made out of blends of color and powder, known as “rangolis”. The smells of numerous dishes and sweets that will be offered to celebrate Diwali pervades the streets. Everything suggests that there is something important going on, but the culmination of the ceremony takes place on the Diwali evening, when the magical Golden Temple of Amritsar gets illuminated by thousands of diyas and candles reflecting on the water, and the lavish fireworks streak across the night sky.

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