10 Top National Dishes and Where to Eat Them ...


Most countries have at least one dish they celebrate as being completely representative of their cuisine and there are some fabulous national dishes of the world that travelers should always aim to try. It’s not always true that a dish synonymous with one country tastes better in its homeland or place of origin, but more often than not, it’s part of an experience that adds an extra touch. Here are some great national dishes of the world and some suggestions of where best to try them.

1. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, England

Notably one of the most famous national dishes of the world, alongside fish and chips, is England’s roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. This dish is frequently served as a Sunday-lunch meal, and remains a national favorite. You usually ask if you want your beef well-done, medium, medium rare, or rare. Eat this with the eponymously named Yorkshire puddings, with potatoes, vegetables and lashings of gravy.

Recommended: Best eaten in someone’s home or a pub on a Sunday. There’s nothing like homemade Yorkshire Pudding and beef that has been sat under a hot lamp for hours is not so great.

Irish Stew, Ireland
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