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Before boarding an airplane things can become frantic.. It’s quite odd really when you think your seat is allocated but everyone seems to want to rush to be first on board– maybe it’s to get that valuable overhead space for your precisely packed carry-on. Or, maybe it’s the final relief that the boredom of the long wait after check in. Before boarding an airplane people are paranoid about losing their tickets, passport and boarding pass but there are more important things to consider. It is surprisingly easy to catch a cold, flu or any other illness during a flight so how about putting some of those waiting hours to good use once you’ve finished your tax free shopping. Here are 9 Top Healthy Things To Do Before Boarding An Airplane to ensure you stay fit and healthy during the flight.

1. Take an Empty Water Bottle with You

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It is important you stay hydrated during the flight; this can be very difficult as drinks are not always available when you need them. If you become dehydrated during the flight you are more likely to catch a cold or illness because the lack of humidity in the plane dries out the mucous membranes. This makes it harder for your system to remove toxins. Therefore, drink as much fluid as possible before boarding an airplane. High security in airports means you are not allowed to take any fluids through security, but you can take an empty bottle. When you are through security use the water fountains to fill the bottle and make sure you drink plenty before boarding. Then, refill the bottle to take on the plane so you have a drink during the flight and ask the stewardess to refill the bottle when empty.

2. Use the Toilet before Boarding an Airplane

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Airplane toilets are not the most hygienic places and should be avoided as much as possible. Everyone knows not to touch the toilet seat as it is riddled in germs but research suggests that also flushing the toilet transfers germs. Make sure you use the toilet before boarding so you are less likely to need the toilet during the flight. (Somewhat difficult given the advice in the first point!) To prevent catching germs use a paper towel to shut the toilet lid before flushing, also ensure you wash your hands after.

3. Prevent Dry Eyes

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If you have dry eyes, the automatic reaction is to rub them. By doing this you are more likely to catch colds and other illnesses. If you touch your eyes you are passing germs to the back of your throat via the tear ducts. This is where germs breed and colds start. Avoid touching your eyes at all times during a flight. It is recommended you wear glasses during a flight if you normally wear contact lenses.

4. Keep Warm and Cosy with a Blanket and Pillow

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Airlines nowadays don’t normally provide passengers with blankets and pillows and let’s face it would you want to borrow them? You don’t know who has had them before you and could be full of germs. To ensure you are warm during the flight layer up in clothes and dress warmly. If you have enough room in your hand luggage, pack a lightweight blanket and pillow or an inflatable pillow. A pillow will also prevent neck and back pain and give you comfort on a long haul flight.

5. Make Sure You Eat a Healthy Meal before the Flight

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You are not sure where airline meals come from and how it is made so how do you know it is good for you? To avoid the risk of an upset stomach either eat a healthy meal before boarding an airplane at a restaurant in the airport or take your own food onto the plane.

6. Avoid the Bar

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Alcohol can seriously damage your health. It also lowers your immune system during a flight as alcohol and cabin pressure both dehydrate you, making you more likely to catch a cold or illness. Herbal sleeping tablets and chamomile tea are healthy alternative options to take to instead of drinking alcohol to relax and send you to sleep.

7. Prevent Ear Ache

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Airplane ear is ear ache caused by air pressure changes during the flight and is particularly worse during take off and landing. It is recommended to chew gum or suck a sweet during take off and landing to prevent ears from hurting as using your jaw muscles releases the pain, yawning and swallowing is a great way of relieving the pain. Other options are filtered earplugs and ear tubes prescribed by the doctor. This is not an excuse to guzzle sweets before boarding an airplane – strictly in-flight only!

8. Take Supplies to Prevent Congestion

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The air in a plane is very dry and takes the moisture from your nose and mouth which can make your cold even worse. You can prevent this by using a nasal spray or lubricating the nostrils with petroleum jelly before boarding an airplane. It is also a good idea to take a decongestant before boarding if you have a cold.

9. Add Yogurt to Your Breakfast before the Flight

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Yogurt contains probiotic healthy bacteria which creates a strong and healthy digestive and immune system. According to research, yogurt reduces the risk of viruses and colds. It is a good idea to eat yogurt for a few days before the flight or alternatively drinkable yoghurt. These can also be bought at airport coffee shops to boost your immune system before boarding an airplane.

10. Increase Your Immune System

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Research suggests Vitamin D and Echinacea prevents colds and flu. Healthy eating is the easiest way to boost your immunity, fruit and vegetables will help fight off colds and flu.

If you follow all 10 healthy things to do before boarding an airplane, your flight will be much more enjoyable and relaxed, how good does that sound?

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