7 Top Worldwide Budget Destinations for 2014 ...

Want to know where the experts are recommending as the top worldwide budget destinations for 2014? Every year – usually at the beginning, everyone with a connection to the travel industry will publish their lists of the best destinations for the year for practically every different type of vacation. I have scoured the lists and identified some of the most recommended budget destinations for 2014.

1. Nicaragua

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While other Central American countries are popular with travelers, Nicaragua should be on your list of budget destinations for 2014. Civil and political unrest and destructive earthquakes have scared away all but the hardiest travelers, but the country has been quiet for several years. Economic accommodations include hostels, dorms and hammocks, renting for as little as $5.00 per night. Spend less than $10 per day eating food from street vendors; however sit-down meals don’t cost that much more. Buses or taxis are efficient and inexpensive. Visit the plentiful historic buildings and museums for as little as $2 per visit, or take in the remarkable volcanoes. Float down the Rio San Juan or visit the popular San Juan Del Sur beach, a magnet for surfers and backpackers. For a few dollars more, hire a small boat to take you to the many islands on the Caribbean Sea coast.

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