8 Top Attractions of Cyprus ...

Having been occupied by the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Turks, the Persians and the Romans, it’s no wonder that Cyprus is a bit mongrel, a lot mysterious and loads fascinating. This gorgeous Mediterranean island is the famed birthplace of Aphrodite, and is packed with ancient villages, medieval castles and archaic ruins. It’s also go fabulous beaches, wondrous food and great entertainment. I bet you’re now dying to hear of some of the attractions of Cyprus.

1. Mighty Aphrodite at Amanthus

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Amanthus is the oldest settlement on Cyprus and deemed to have been an Eteocyprian village when it was first founded in 1,050 BC. In the intervening centuries Amanthus became home to various Greek communities who worshipped the Goddess Aphrodite. Phoenician, Persian, Ptolemy and ancient Roman invaders all came to live in this settlement at one point or another. Amanthus appears to have been abandoned in the latter part of the 7th century, but the site has revealed many treasures, including several well-preserved tombs, an agora, public baths and an acropolis and temple dedicated to the Cult of Aphrodite. Dating back to the eighth century BC, the mysterious ruins of a palace are also one of the great attractions of Cyprus.

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