9 Top Adventure Travels for 2014 ...

If you’re up for a challenge, read on for the top adventure travels for 2014. These adventures are, according to the experts, some of the very best you can have this year. When slip, slop, slapping in a divine beach location just doesn’t cut it, you want thrills and spills, a tinge of fear and tons of fun. The top adventure travels for 2014 promise exotic and exciting, leisure and liveliness and that essential element of challenge, too.

1. Beer Cycling Tour, Belgium

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The people of Belgium know a thing or two about beers, with the country brewing 1,130 different ones. The natives also know about cycling as it is the national sport. Put the two together and you’ve got potential for some great adventure travels for 2014. If you love biking, and you love beer, then this tour will be the one for you. A typical tour lasts 7-10 days with a bike ride across Belgium where you will see great sights and have access to loads of boutique breweries.

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