7 Tips on How to Protect Your Valuables when Travelling ...

It's important to protect your valuables when travelling. Many a great holiday has been ruined by having your wallet, passport or phone stolen, so do your best to ensure that it doesn't happen to you. Try these ways to protect your valuables when travelling, and help your holiday memories to be happy ones …

1. Leave Them at Home

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The best way to protect your valuables when travelling is not to take them with you! If they aren't essential to your journey, leave them at home. If you really need a cellphone, put your SIM card in an old model rather than take your expensive smartphone. Similarly, do you really need to take your laptop or tablet? You can surely manage without them for a week or two …

2. Hotel/Room Safe

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If you do need or decide to take valuables, make use of the room safe or hotel safe. Sadly, there is a risk that the room will be broken into, or that there are dishonest members of staff but it's still the best way of keeping your belongings secure while you are out - you really don't want to take them out with you.

3. Only What You Need

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Only take what you need with you on your trip. If you do take valuables, only carry them with you each day if you're definitely going to use them. This reduces the risk of theft, loss of damage. So consider whether you really do need to take valuable items with you; after all, it is supposed to be a vacation, so get away from your Internet habit and constant chatting on the phone!

4. Money Matters

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Don't take too much cash on your trip, and when you go out only carry as much as you'll need for the day. It's always useful to have a credit card, but traveler's checks are perhaps the safest method. Traveler's checks can be canceled and traced, whereas if your cash is stolen, you have no chance of getting it back.

5. Watch Bags Closely

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When you're in transit, keep an eye on your bags if you put them down (it's better not to put them down at all). Also watch out for thieves when you are traveling from the airport. The airport train in Barcelona is known for the presence of thieves, who hope to capitalise on tired travelers. Since it's pretty obvious that you are traveling, be very vigilant. And also be wary when in restaurants or cafes.

6. Social Media

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You might think that there's nothing wrong with announcing on social media that you're off on vacation. However, it could be dangerous to say that you're off on a trip, and exactly when your house will be unoccupied. Thieves have been known to take advantage of this and break in while the owner is away. Can you be absolutely sure that your social media accounts are secure, or that thieves can't work out where you live?

7. Possessions

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Social media can also be a menace in other ways. These days, it's easy to update your friends while you're on vacation. But resist the temptation to pull your phone out in public and post updates on your adventures, as there may be thieves watching. And make sure that you have insurance to cover theft.

Looking after your valuables on vacation may be a bit of a chore, but buying replacements will be even more annoying. So watch everything carefully and don't take what you don't need. You really don't need a smartphone on a beach! Do you take everything when you travel?

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